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Some Favourite Spots

Kemang is situated in South Jakarta district,known as the place where Expatriates in Jakarta use to  live side by side with local residence in many  rented                houses,apartments, spread out in the area. The community and the place has been passing the development period for many years that makes this compound becoming a modern village like now.
Expatriates in  Jakarta can easily find, close to their residences, living accomodation such as office spaces (in Kemang itself and along the Simatupang road which is close to this area) ,supermarkets,foodcourts,cuisine,boutiques,bars,clubs,hotels with pools,out door play grounds for the family and many other cosy corners.
There is a festival in the month of May organized by South Jakarta Municipal Administration together with some private companies and Non-governmental organizations since 2001. This Kemang Festival (later Palang Pintu since 2005) is an annual event, a cross-cultural street party, held on the street by blocking 1.5 km of  Jalan Kemang Raya.It is a remarkable event that Expatriate in Jakarta with family should not miss.In this family-oriented party we can find a mix food(from Jakarta's kerak telor to Italian pizza),traditional and pop-jewelry,various range of clothes,live music  and show (local jakarta-cultural play -lenong,orchestra- gambang kromong, singing accompanied by local percusion-marawis).All of this Spots and hapening can be considered as an alternative recreational place for expatriate in Jakarta with the family.
Another festival was held successfully last November 2012 ,Jak Fringe Festval,at Kemang Village for 5 Days and Nites. About 20,000 visitors attended.
For 2014,the festival was held on June . 

Blok M is a strategic block  located in South Jakarta surounded by elite Kebayoran Baru residential area. Expatriate in Jakarta can find shoping centers like Pasaraya, Blok M Square  and many more.        Traditional and modern markets,      traditional, Chinese, Korean, Japanese , and  Western cuisine ,       clubs,     Fitness Centers,Office spaces,and Hotels are available there. It is a such  considerable spot for Expatriate in Jakarta  spending    the week-end,    shoping and dining with family,    entertaining colleagues after office  hours, or just hang-out.

SCBD ,stands for Sudirman Central Business District ,comprices of many lots located in the prime of Jakarta's central business such as Sudirman,Gatot Subroto,and Kuningan where a lot of Expatriates in  Jakarta have their business offices.
This mixed-use-developing-complex has  office buildings,condominiums,Shoping Mall,Golf Course/Driving Range,Duty free shop and market,and many other urban facilities.An expatriate in Jakarta should consider to visit Pacific Place,a very luxurious life style shopping mall to find stuffs at  branded stores,dining,viewing Holliwood movies at Megaplex,bringing the children to Kidzania,or even booking a new car purchasing. Expatriates in Jakarta can also go to Electronic City for buying electronic appliances, PGA Driving range to develop the swing,buying things at duty free shop/market or having transaction at Jakarta Stock Exchange may be.

Kota is an area of  1.3 square kilometers situated at some part of  West Jakarta and East Jakarta. The area is considered  as a rejuvenated old Batavia City. Expatriates in Jakarta ,especially they who have historical connection with the past era, are interested to this place where we still can find buildings from Dutch collonial architecture such as Jakarta History Museum(former Batavia City Hall as well as the office and residence Governor of Dutch company -VOC) at Fatahilah Square,the Indonesian Musium of Maritime-Sunda Kelapa,Old Batavia Hotel, Cafe Batavia,and many other cultural properties there.
Glodog-Petak Sembilan-Pinangsia area is the Jakarta Cina Town. It is the other side of Kota where expatriates can find hardware shops,Electronic Shops,Chinese products and lots of chinese medicine too.
Mangga Dua is already welknown name for expatriates' coleagues especially ladies from neighbourhood countries for hunting clothes and other apparels with very competitive price.
At down- town Kota, expatriates in Jakarta can also go for night live entertainments, Spas, and many other wellness centers . But,be precocious that to visit such places should be attended by local counterparts.