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New KITAS Processing

1.The sponsor company  of the expatriate /the agent firstly submit  the RPTK  application letter to the Department of Manpower Office.
    The submitted document comprises copy of:
    - RPTK Application letter (original)
    - KTP Penanggungjawab (Identity Card of the  Director of the company/manager of the company who responsibles to post the 
    - SIUP (Company Liscence)
    - TDP (Company Registration)
    - Notaris (Registered Company Articles)
    - Domisili (Company Domicile Certificate)
    - NPWP (Company Tax Registered Number)
    - UU No.7 (Company Report in relation to Man Power Regulation No.7)

2.The company /the agent submit TA-01 application letter to the Department of Manpower Office.
    The submitted document comprises copy of:
     1.RPTK (new &original)
     2.Passport of the Expatriate
     3.CV of the Expatriate
     4.Ijazah (Education Certificate of the Expatriate)

3. The company/the agent apply VITAS/telex to Immigration Head Office.
      The submitted document comprises copy of :
      Based on the application,the Immigration Head Office send telex of the VITTAS to Indonesian Embassy/Consulate  in the
      country where the expatriate stay as mentioned in the application letter.
      The company send the copy of the telex from Immigration to the expatriate ( by e mail)

4. The Expatriate brings the copy( copy of the telex from Immigration received from the sponsor company) to the Indonesian
     Embassy/Consulate where he stays as mentioned in the telex to get the VITAS.

5. With the Vittas,the Expatriate come to Jakarta,Indonesia .
     Arriving in Jakarta,the Expatriate hands over the Originall Passport, Embarcation Card,4 pieces of 4x6 photo (red backgroud)
     to the Sponsor Company for the agent to apply KITAS.

6. The sponsor company pay DPKK to the account of Department of Manpower at BNI Bank and get the  DPKK receipt from  the

7. The Sponsor Company/the agent  applies for KITAS to Immigration Office.The document to be submitted comrises copies
      1. RPTK
      2. TA-01
      3. Application letter
      4. Expatriate Passport (original)
      5. Embarkation Card (original)
      6. 4x6 photo (red background) 4 pieces
       The Expatriate should come to the Immigration Office for Interview and Finger Printing   subject to appointment date

8.  The expatriate got the new KITTAS,  and MERP . The Expatriate can do exit and re-entry  Jakarta now.

9.  The Sponsor Company/Agent apply to get  IMTA by submiting document to Department of Man Power  comprises copies of :
      1. Passport
      2. KITAS

10. Pararelly the Sponsor Company/Agent  apply to get STM,SKLD, KIP,SKPKPS,Laporan Keberadaan.

11. The expatriate legally can start  working with the company now.

        For terms in Bahasa Indonesia that you are not familiar with, check in=>  Expatriate-Formalities page 

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