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Expatriate Formalities & Document Required

List of  Expatriate Formalities 

  • RPTK        (ManPower Placement Plan)
  • TA-01    (Recom.Letter To Immigration)
  • VITAS (Temporarily Stay Permit) 
  • KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit Card)
  • MERP (Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit)
  • SERP (Single Exit Re-entry Permit)
  • DPKK (Employee Skill Development fund levy paid through the account of Dept of ManPower)
  • IMTA(Expat Employment Permit)
  • KIP (Foreign Identity Card)
  • SKSKPS (Foreign Temporary Residence Certificate.)
  • STM (Police Report Letter Upon arrival to Destination ) 
  • Laporan Keberadaan (Expatriate Residence Report)
Other  Formalities might be needed :
  • VKUBP     (Exit Re-Entry Visa) Just   Visit /Non Working Visa.
  • SKJ        (Travel Notification Letter),Permit to visit places beyond the area mentioned on the RPTK
Document required from the Sponsor Company to apply /employ an expatriate (Colorful Scan) :

  1. SIUP ( Company Licence)
  2. Akte Pendirian (Company Establishment Certificate)
  3. SK Kehakiman (Justice Dept. Certificate)
  4. TDP (Company Registration Certificate)
  5. Surat Keterangan Domisili (Company Domicile Certificate)
  6. Wajib Lapor/UU.No.7 (Regulation No.7 Compulsory Report)
  7. NPWP (Company'sTax Identity Number)
  8. KTP Penanggung  Jawab Perusahaan(Identity Card of the Officer handling company responsibility) 
  9. KTP 2 Tenaga Kerja Pendamping ( Identity Cards of 2 Local Employees to be assisted to the expatriate )
  10. Bagan Struktur Organisasi (Organization Structure Chart)

 Form                       Issued by

3 sheets                  Dept.of Man Power H.O.

1 sheet                    Dept.of Man Power H.O.
1 sheet                    Dir.Gen.Immigration 

1 card                      Immigration Office

chop on Passport     Immigration Office

chop on Passport     Immigration Office   
2 receips                 BNI bank                   

1 sheet                Dept.of Man Power

1 card                  Residence Agency Office

3 sheets               Residence Agency Office

1 sheet                Local Police Station

1 sheet                Man Power Official agency

1 sheet                Dir.Gen.Immigration

1 sheet                Police Head Quarter

Document required from the
 Expatriate (colorful Scan) :

  1. Passport 
  2. CV & Ijazah ( CV & Diploma)
  3. Kontrak Kerja (Employment Contract)
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