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PT.Pramuditha Jasa Sambhada. 
Jl.Anggun Raya BX.10 No.4. Pamulang Permai I
Tangrang-Selatan 15417  

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Since the establishment in  December 3, 1997, PT Pramuditha Jasa Sambhada is positioning itself as a company specializing in providing      service  on    visas  and work permits / formalities   for  Expatriate in Jakarta.                    Company Establishment document,          domicile licence, corporate local residence passport arrangement, Airport Escort Service for Expatriates, are also the services on our list..

Dated back to year 1998, it was the very significant moment for our company where we had to  manage almost  hundreds of  our clients ,Expatriate in Jakarta, from many different nations, to immediately leave the country  due to a kaos  situation and the feeling of uncertainty toward the security . We had to arrange the temporary expatriate formalities to leave the country in the very short time at that moment .
After passing that rush situation, few months later,  we have to  rearrange those  reentry formalities and done all successfully.
The appreciation to us for our service at that moment and long  experiences in this area then have made our team become  more confident to meet  our mission to be the preferred expatriate formalities service provider for Expatriate in Jakarta.

Now ,we continue improving and  keeping on the track for our commitment  to be always as the best service provider to our clients. Thank's that our clients now are Expatriates  come from wide range of industry sectors .       Those are expatriates from :    Mining ,   offshore exploration  ,  Technology business;  Trading  Companies, Financial Institution/Bank,  Automotive,   electronic appliance Manufacturers,Surveyors,Health care, Production House companies,Hotel & Apartment, Mall & Hyper Mart, land developers, International Schools   and  many others such as non profit institutions.

That is a brief of our company journey.

Should you have any question on expatriate formalities services or permits or any related information , just contact / WA text, or post e-mail to us .