Selamat datang di Jakarta

Welcome toExpatriate inJakarta site

An Expatriate in Jakarta    is     a  foreigner  ,    
skilled profesional,  residing in Jakarta .      
He/She   can be   a chief  executive officer  in
a big company,  a chef  in  a hotel,  a teacher 
in an English  Language School   or  whatever  
he /she   is  during his/her stay, reside, or work  
in Jakarta.   He/ she  will  mix into Jakarta 
crowd,expat work environment,  expat living, 
expat communities, expat forums ,social and
other activities.
When you are an Expatriate in Jakarta, what-
ever  you are , be sure that   all set of document 
 which  we use to mention it  as expatriate 
formalities ,     whilst comprise of     work visas ,  
work permits,   and  other related document      
to support   an expat living   in   Jakarta,is 
already with you.                                    
Hopefully then  you will feel like  at home    in 
this dynamic city.
If you want to make sure and think that you
need a further assistance on your Expatriate
Formality arrangement, just Click Here for our 
Contact Detail. 

Take care. Have a nice stay.  


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Expatriate  In Jakarta formalities/ work permits, 
work visas , or   any  formality advise. We also come 
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