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Our Service is arranging  Stay Permit and 
Working Permit  package for  Expatriates in 

Why Pramuditha?
1.Long experience in the business. 
   We started the business in late 1990ies.
2.Experience  and capable staffs 
   to serve the clients in handling 
   the  the service even in emergency 
   situation,and keep update in the 
   changes of regulation from time 
   to time.
3.Always keeping and handling your 
   document in secure and privacy.
5. Reasonable price and time frame 
    for  formalities service package
6.24/7 customer assistant
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Who are the clients?
Our clients are companies who 
partnering with multinational companies and 
local companies who employedexpatriates ie
Medical companies, Banking, insurance, Properties/ 
land development, 
trading companies, mining,  and non profit companies

What is Expatriate?

An Expatriate in Jakarta is a  foreigner  ,    
skilled profesional,  residing in Jakarta .  The gentleman  can be  
a chief  executive officer  in a big company,  a chef  in  a hotel,  
a teacher in an English  Language School   or  
whatever  he /she   is  during his/her stay, reside, or work  in Jakarta.   
He/ she  will  mix into Jakarta crowd,expat work 
environment,  expat living, expat communities, expat 
forums ,social andother activities.When you are an Expatriate in Jakarta,  
be sure that   all set of document which  we 
use to mention itas expatriate formalities , whilst comprise  of  work visas ,  
work permits,   and  other related document      
to support   an expat living   
in   Jakarta,is already with you.   Hopefully then  you will feel like  at home    
in this dynamic city of Jakarta.

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Take care. Have a nice stay.  



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